Our Debt Collection Firm has been in the debt collection business for many years now which makes us rich in experience in terms of recovering money from customers in default. We recover debts in a professional, non-expensive and efficient manner. We employ experienced and competent staff to efficiently solve your problems due to their expertise. We pay particular attention to the utmost quality of the services we provide.

Efficient information system

No Client is ever left alone with his problem. Due to the client information system we implemented in our firm, we are able to keep the clients updated about our activities. Each of our clients receives written reports in regular intervals.

Transparent procedures

We make our debt collection process efficient by way of a multi-level procedure. Our activities involve:

  • pre-litigation amicable proceedings
  • litigation
  • pre-collection amicable proceedings
  • collection

This system renders our efforts efficient thus covering all possible methods of claiming outstanding receivables provided for in Polish law. In addition, direct collection is one of the most efficient methods to claim receivables.

All it takes to start pursuing a claim is a photocopy of the documents evidencing the debt (copies of the invoices, goods release documents, payment reminders, etc) and a signed copy of the agreement, with a power of attorney, which may be delivered by post. Nothing that follows under our procedure requires any involvement on the part of the Client – we continue totally on our own.

We represent our Clients in court in conciliatory proceedings, payment orders and regular litigation. We also work together with the reliable bailiffs which ensures proper collection procedure. In the event the debtor has no assets, we promptly procure a decision stating ineffective collection so that the creditor may deduct the debt from income as business cost.

Debt collection methodology

  1. Negotiations with debtors

    In the first place we make an attempt at making the debtor pay voluntarily. We try to establish a personal relationship in order to obtain reliable information about the debtor and his financial standing.

    - negotiations with the clients are held aiming at the timely payment for the goods/services, provided that the creditor is willing to continue the cooperation with such client.

    - mediations with the debtors at subsequent stages of the collection procedure. We strive to reach amicable recovery of receivables even if the litigation or collection proceedings have already been instituted which, in many cases permits the creditor to save time and cost.

  2. Legal assistance in terms of claim collection

    During the pursuance of a claim we provide expert legal assistance. We draw up documents required for any future collection proceedings, especially if the case goes to court.

  3. Representation in court cases in reminder, payment order and ordinary proceedings

    We file actions in court aiming at obtaining payment order issued by the court. When the debtor challenges such payment order, we file the case in ordinary proceedings. We write letters of process and monitor the dates of the hearings. After the payment order (judgment) is issued we apply for the enforcement title. The litigation substitution costs are borne by the Association.

  4. Collection proceedings

    A binding payment order or judgment permits collection by a bailiff. We file a motion for such collection with a bailiff and monitor the collection proceedings. We provide the bailiff with all relevant information about the debtor which we obtained during our case preparation. Those efforts are meant to expedite the collection and ensure its efficiency.

    We keep the Client informed about any development of the case and the potential to recover the receivables. We offer permanent legal service or assistance on a case by case basis throughout the collection process.

  5. Legal actions in the event of inefficiency of the collection by the bailiff

    Even though the bailiff’s collection proceedings may be discontinued in view of inefficiency , we do not give up on the recovery of the debt. We engage in other lawful efforts such as: obtaining a ban on the business of the defaulting debtor, notification about an offence (if the debtor conceals his assets, bequiles merchandise, prevents collection by selling out his assets, etc.); we also file petitions for bankruptcy, institute proceedings against members of management boards of limited liability companies, procure entry in the insolvent debtors register.

Foreign debt

A defaulting debtor in China? No idea of the proposed contract governed by Chinese law is good for you? Any other legal problem? In another country?

We provide efficient debt recovery in foreign jurisdictions. We charge no downpayment. We work closely with debt collection firms in Western Europe, Eastern Europe: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia and former Soviet republics, former Yugoslavian republics: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Nordic counties, Italy, Turkey, USA, Canada, China, Arab countries and other.

International legal assistance

Through our partner firms we also offer legal assistance in other types of cases: legal opinions on contracts, establishing companies, inheritance problems and other asset-related issues, criminal matters, etc.

We may recommend a lawyer for the Client to contact or - especially if language barrier arises - we may participate as an intermediary.